As a 7 year old I was checking out Interior Design coffee table books from the library, pasting typefaces and color wheels to my bedroom wall and refusing to let anyone tell me what to wear. I had no front teeth, but I was absolutely certain what looked good!

Twenty-ish years and a degree in Broadcast Design later, I was the Art Director at the NBC affiliate in Grand Rapids, MI. Dream job for sure. As a part of the in-house creative team, I oversaw the visual presentation of the WOOD TV8, 24 Hour News 8, EightWest, WOTV 4 Women and WXSP brands including on-air, print, web, and set design. TV is immediate and demanding, and I sharpened my skills like you wouldn't believe. Live television requires creativity and critical thinking on the fly. At such a pace,  indecision = fail.

Like most creatives I know, the ideas are always sparking and in addition to my day job, I moonlighted with diverse graphic design clients, designed a stationery line for Kmart, an indie greeting card line for myself, started a mid-century modern antiques business, and began getting substantial decorating projects.

In 2012, as these freelance gigs started to require more of my time, it was clear a choice had to be made. I left a career to get back to the thing that makes me feel inspired: pulling together together a visual that is successful whether that means communicating an idea or evoking a mood. My clients range from an Inc. 500 company to a single mom. Whether it's branding and graphic design or interiors, the process is the same. I am an agent of discovery- determining and celebrating what's important and executing a collaborative vision. I know what should happen. The 7 year old can see it!



On-Air Stylist - EightWest, WOTV 4 Women

Emmy Awards, ADDY, Gracie Allen Award, YWCA Tribute Award, 

Animal Activist

Architecture Enthusiast

Yoga Lover

Interlochen Grad

Lake Michigan Pilgrim